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Not only will you learn how to avoid overspending thousands of dollars, but you will also significantly reduce stress levels associated with college planning.

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The ins and outs of college planning, getting the maximum amount of money from the schools and to how to avoid the biggest pitfalls along the way.

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Together, we create a clear path with assistance and resources to help lower the out of pocket expenses through the jungle of college financial planning.

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Students attend colleges that are the right fit in terms of properly preparing them for the post college years and providing them the experience they dream of.

We can help with anything from applying for scholarships to qualifying for grants, and we'll even help with the financial decisions that affect your family's total cost of college.


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Ever wonder why some people get more scholarships than others? It's because they know how to find the right college and better prepare themselves financially. With a customized financial plan, we'll help you identify your goals and objectives so we can match you with the right school and the best strategy.


College Financing Solutions & Beyond

Many families face obstacles when it comes to saving money for education. With College Funding Concepts, you can get customized financing solutions for all of your children's educations. Retirement Stuff.

No Family Left Behind Mission...

Developing easy to access methods of financial literacy courses with the proper support, coaching and community so that everyone can be the hero by ensuring their children's education while ensuring their own lifestyle and retirement plans are successful.


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