Get Your Kids Into College For Less So That You Can Live Your Life

Assistance and resources to help lower out-of-pocket college funding expenses.

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How We Can Help You achieve Your College Funding Goals


Not only will you learn how to avoid overspending thousands of dollars, but you will also significantly reduce stress levels associated with college planning.

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The ins and outs of college planning, getting the maximum amount of money from the schools and to how to avoid the biggest pitfalls along the way.

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Together, we create a clear path with assistance and resources to help lower the out of pocket expenses through the jungle of college financial planning.

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Mike Percarpio Piscataway, NJ
Working with Chris on my children’s college funding needs has been a very positive experience. He takes his time to really understand your family’s financial position and tailors a financial plan unique to your situation to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. In addition to his financial expertise, Chris is very familiar with the specific programs of many universities and the financial aid they offer directly to their students to supplement the cost of a college education. He also takes the time to talk to your children and provide them guidance directly from his experience
Chris Degiovine Nashville TN
Finally, an explanation of the college planning process that I can understand. Chris’ insights helped me save thousands of dollars and made the process much less stressful.
Jeff Friedrich Financial Advisor
Chris has been a great addition to our team with regards to the college planning process.  His knowledge, positive demeanour and the way he educates individuals has really added value to our clients. Chris finds ways to really help clients save for their kids’ education, when they did not think saving was possible.  He has been a great resource and I have all the trust him when he is working with my clients.

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