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Beginning Of The Journey

"The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step" 

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Mindset Challenge

I understand that distractions often get in the way of discovering new things. And when it comes to setting aside time to learn new strategies about college funding, it's no different. It’s not about just putting some money into the 529 or savings and then back to business as usual anymore. Here is a list of resources that can help you to prepare for college funding. It will answer questions you may have about what stage you’re in and what options you have. 


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Obstacle Challenge

The first step to knowing what you’re contending with is knowing what you’re contending with. And while some of the things I mentioned earlier may be unfamiliar to you, I can assure you that throughout my 20 year of experience and research, I have discovered tactics that our finer educational institutions have employed to share in the collective profiteering to separate you from your hard-earned after tax dollar. Wouldn’t you agree it’s time to learn how to keep your money?

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Resource Challenge

I understand that Insecurities are a normal part of large purchases. Risk is involved at almost every stage, from preparation to the actual transaction. And what about afterward. What guarantees if any are there? What is the return on investment? And so many more questions that can whip us into a frenzy and avoid having a discussion at all. My best suggestion, having seen so many clients in this position, is to still move forward with open and honest communication about what can and can’t be done. Discussing options, alternatives and potential outcomes early is part of successfully planning out a college funding strategy.

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Freedom Challenge

That’s Pretty Heavy, Right? It’s important to put some funds away for college. It’s a major responsibility to get your kids into AND through college so they can find that vocation that gives them the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. That’s why we do it, right? But just because it can be time consuming, expensive and at times even very stressful, doesn’t mean we have to follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing. Breaking free and taking some control over the way you pursue and plan together as a family for college can not only reduce stress, but can also bring about an opportunity to instill values into your kids that are naturally done by parents that no college or university can ever do as well. The process can be fun and really bring the family together as opposed to being an overwhelming nightmare and break it down. 

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Mike Percarpio Piscataway, NJ
Working with Chris on my children’s college funding needs has been a very positive experience. He takes his time to really understand your family’s financial position and tailors a financial plan unique to your situation to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. In addition to his financial expertise, Chris is very familiar with the specific programs of many universities and the financial aid they offer directly to their students to supplement the cost of a college education. He also takes the time to talk to your children and provide them guidance directly from his experience
Chris Degiovine Nashville TN
Finally, an explanation of the college planning process that I can understand. Chris’ insights helped me save thousands of dollars and made the process much less stressful.
Jeff Friedrich Financial Advisor
Chris has been a great addition to our team with regards to the college planning process.  His knowledge, positive demeanour and the way he educates individuals has really added value to our clients. Chris finds ways to really help clients save for their kids’ education, when they did not think saving was possible.  He has been a great resource and I have all the trust him when he is working with my clients.