College Funding Secret Strategies Revealed 

By Chris Curran

The need is real. The demand is higher than ever. With two children of his own, set to be future college students, addressing this issue became Chris’ mission and thus the reason for writing this book.


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Tips That Everyone Can Use To Pay Thousands Less For College

For over 20 years, Chris Curran has been a career advisor to families on general financial matters and shares his knowledge as a frequent guest speaker at high schools and community groups around the country. 

Quickly realizing that parents putting their kids through college and the college industry itself were at ends with each other, Chris embarked on a 15-year educational journey into the convoluted world of college funding and financial aid.

The result? College Funding Secrets.

Throughout this journey, you’ll learn from Chris’ many years of first hand experience with a wide range of clients from every walk. Issues such as:

  • How do parents send their children to college while still saving for retirement?
  • Why the financial industry is too focused on ways to invest for college vs. strategies for reducing the ultimate cost of college?
  • How to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Learning the rules of the Financial Aid System
  • Selecting the right schools to fit your budget
  • Exploring the options available to pay the tuition

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