Bulletproof Strategies To Get The Best Education For Less

Myth #1

Students can borrow an unlimited

amount for college.


Only $5,500 - 7,500 is available via the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, beyond that a cosigner is required. In most cases parents are taking on the majority

of college debt.

Myth #2

Sending my kids to an elite "brand name" school is worth whatever it costs.


While starting salaries for graduates of "elite" schools tend to be higher, you have to take into account the long term effects of delaying savings in order to pay off student debt.

It's not a no-brainer.

Myth #3

If I earn a six-figure income, I will not

get financial aid.


Merit based has nothing to do with your income or assets. Colleges will expect most families to contribute around 20% of their income each year. If that number is less than the cost of the school and/or you have more than one child in college you will be eligible for financial aid.

Myth #4

If my child is a straight A student, they will receive enough scholarships to pay for college.


Many of the most selective colleges that attract straight A students do not offer merit scholarships, and even those, rarely offer the elusive “full ride” scholarship. 50% of tuition (not room and board) is more common, if you are looking at the right schools. Scholarships will help, but you should be prepared with other sources of funding.

How Would Your Life Change If Your Kids Get The Education They Deserve Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle Or Incurring More Debt?


Get a 360 Financial Assessment to get everyone in the family on the same page.


Calculate eligibility for financial aid and research most suitable scholarships offering the most benefit.


Create Funding Strategy that identifies efficient financial resources without derailing long term goals.

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Students attend colleges that are the right fit in terms of properly preparing them for the post college years and providing them the experience they dream of.

We can help with anything from maximizing scholarships to qualifying for grants, and we'll even help with the financial decisions that affect your family's total cost of college.


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Ever wonder why some people get more scholarships than others? It's because they know how to find the right college and better prepare themselves financially. With a customized financial plan, we'll help you identify your goals and objectives so we can match you with the right school and the best strategy.

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Many families face obstacles when it comes to saving money for education. With College Funding Concepts, you can get customized financing solutions for all of your children's educations.

Coordinate your college funding strategy with your retirement goals.

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